GIS and GPS Services

GIS Mapping

Both GIS & GPS technology have greatly improved forest management and the analysis of timber and timberland values.  Mellette Forestry Group uses GIS & GPS for mapping and forest management planning in the following applications: 

Forest inventory planning and data collection

  • Timber stand mapping
  • Location of critical wildlife habitat
  • Mapping and monitoring invasive plant species
  • Measuring areas where site prep and reforestation work are being done
  • Mapping forest roads and wetland areas

We also use GIS & GPS for a variety of forestland appraisal tasks, including: 

  • Research of comparable timberland sales
  • Analysis of the physical features of a timberland tract
  • Comparing location attributes of a property and the influence location has on    property value
  • Analyzing large amounts of data
  • Displaying data in an easily understood and recognizable format
  • Improving the overall reliability of our value estimates