It has been my privilege to know Morgan Mellette professionally for 13 years. He was recommended to us by the head forester for the U.S. Army at Ft McPherson, Georgia in 1994, when I was still on active duty and we had to get a cruise done to verify a timber loss to the blizzard of the previous March. We subsequently used Morgan to do several land surveys as we bought and sold tracts of farm land, and in 2005 to handle the sale of a tract of some 50 acres of timber. His skills as a licensed forester AND as a registered land surveyor make him uniquely qualified to handle any consulting job. Most important to us, however, is the ethical basis on which he operates and lives his life. We would recommend Morgan to any client.

John M. Hutcheson
Colonel, U.S. Army, Retired

I have known Morgan Mellette for 25 years. He has the highest integrity and work ethic of anyone I have known. We have used his services for surveying, timber sales, cruising timber, and land planning for timber management. He is knowledgeable, hard working, fair and pleasant to work with.

Martha C. Black

Our family has been fortunate to know Morgan Mellette for three decades. His long career in forestry has made Morgan an invaluable resource in maintaining our family’s home place. Because he spent many hours walking the property with our parents, he knows where to find the boundary markers and service roads and remnant groves of longleaf pine. Over the years, he has guided us in choosing which timber stands to thin and which to clear cut, and identified areas that are well suited for natural regeneration. As an expert in forest diversity and conservation, Morgan has recommended measures to support the wildlife native to our area. Protecting the habitat of deer and birds enriches the natural landscape. We think our parents would be pleased that we have managed the property using sustainable practices, and we are grateful to Morgan for his help in reaching our goals.

Lydia, Connie, and Randy Cain

I contracted with Morgan Mellette to cruise and manage the sale of my timber. Several unusual problems occurred which he handled in a very professional and ethical manner. At the time of the original sale there was a glut of timber on the market because of pine beetles; the reason I needed to sell. He attempted to get a fixed price contract for the selective logging but was unsuccessful. He then arranged for harvesting with a price for each kind of timber harvested. He monitored the logger to verify that he was harvesting only the designated timber. I discovered that the logger was not reporting all of the loads removed. Morgan handled the termination of the contract very professionally and was an excellent expert witness in the subsequent trial of the thief. He arranged a fixed price contract for removing the remaining timber at a later date. He also recommended a contractor for replanting the property. During our entire relationship, I was kept well informed. I do not hesitate to recommend Morgan for any type of timber work.

Ray York
Private Landowner

"I am an attorney in Cartersville, GA.  My client engaged [Mellette Forestry Group] to appraise the value of his contribution of a conservation easement on a 1,200 acre tract of timberland in Murray County, Ga to GA Department of Natural Resources.  [The] appraisal included the value of the land (including timber) both before and after the charitable contribution of the conservation easement.  We were not surprised to have an IRS audit of this contribution due to the size of the transaction.  I am happy to report that IRS agreed with your valuation of the conservation easement charitable contribution deduction on my client's tax return.  They accepted your detailed report without change.  Furthermore, my client is pleased that the land will now be held in a protected natural state forever under the control of the Georgia Department of Natural Resources.  We appreciate your assistance in this matter."

Charles F. Doggett
Attorney at Law Cartersville, GA