Timber Sales

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The most important forest management decision a landowner can make is when and how to make a timber sale. The proper timing and execution of the timber sale affects the rate of return on a forestland investment more than any other forest management decision.

Here are some facts about selling timber that all forest landowners should consider:
  • Timber buyers are buying timber all the time; that is their job and they are professionals in the timber business.
  • Most landowners will conduct only a few timber sales in their lifetimes, making them amateurs in the timber business.
  • What always happens when an amateur goes up against a professional? The amateur loses.

Is it worth it to hire a consultant to sell your timber? See one example from a client of Mellette Forestry Group's: Timber Sale Case Study.

Mellette Forestry Group has been handling timber sales for private landowners for over 30 years. We are professionals in the timber business and we are working for the landowner. We will get more money for your timber because we are knowledgeable about the timber market and timber prices. We will cruise your timber and determine how much timber you have and what it is worth. Knowing what you are selling, how to sell it, and when to sell it are key factors in selling timber.

Here is our 10-step Timber Sale service:
  1. Consult with Landowner to determine objectives for forest property and walk over timberland.
  2. Perform a Timber Inventory (“timber cruise”) to determine volume and value of timber.
  3. Discuss with Landowner timber cruise results, estimated value of timber and timber harvesting options.
  4. Mark or delineate timber to be cut, provide Landowner with appraisal of saleable timber.
  5. Send bid invitations to all timber buyers in a 50 to 75 mile radius of property informing them of date, time, and conditions of sale.
  6. Hold bid opening, consult with Landowner on bids, award timber sale to bidder who meets or exceeds appraised value and other specific criteria.
  7. Assist Landowner in drafting Timber Sale Contract, work with successful bidder to close contract.
  8. Supervise timber harvesting operations, monitoring adherence to timber sale contract, and all federal, state, and local forestry regulations.
  9. Conduct final inspection with Landowner; ensure that all terms and conditions of timber sale contract have been complied with.
  10. If necessary, advise Landowner on reforestation practices needed, assist in obtaining contractors for site prep and tree planting.