Property Boundary Lines

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If you’ve been having trouble keeping unwanted guests off of your property lately, there are a few ways to help prevent that from happening. According to Robbie Griffith with Southeastern Agri-Business, the first thing you should spend money on for your property is boundary line marking. Posting signs, painting trees with a line all the way around the trunk, and updating property line markers every five to eight years is a sure way to help keep trespassers off of your property. Whether they’re four-wheeling, hunting, fishing, or just walking—a well-marked property line will help deter unwelcome company from using your property in ways that aren’t authorized by you. It will also give you peace of mind knowing where your land ends and begins with an up-to-date land survey and that you’ve taken all the necessary precautions to ensure your safety and best management practices. If you do find unwanted guests on your property, don’t confront them—just report it to the local DNR agent or the Sheriff’s office. Ranger Nelson, a DNR ranger, also recommends that you try to attain a license plate number and vehicle description in order to prevent trespassing from happening again. So, when it comes to your land, it’s good to know where the line is, and when to draw it.