GIS Mapping

Both GIS & GPS technology have greatly improved forest management and the analysis of timber and timberland values.  Mellette Forestry Group uses GIS & GPS for mapping and forest management planning in the following applications:  

  1. Forest inventory planning and data collection
  2. Timber stand mapping
  3. Location of critical wildlife habitat
  4. Mapping and monitoring invasive plant species
  5. Measuring areas where site prep and reforestation work are being done
  6. Mapping forest roads and wetland areas

We also use GIS & GPS for a variety of forestland appraisal tasks, including:  

  1. Research of comparable timberland sales
  2. Analysis of the physical features of a timberland tract
  3. Comparing location attributes of a property and the influence location has on property value
  4. Analyzing large amounts of data
  5. Displaying data in an easily understood and recognizable format
  6. Improving the overall reliability of our value estimates

Timber Stand GIS Map

GIS and GPS as technologies have created significant benefits to forest landowners by enabling foresters to map, measure, collect, and analyze more data in less time than ever before. 

With GIS, Mellette Forestry Group helps commercial and government clients accurately evaluate forest conditions and develop strategies for operational management.

An example of the many layers that can be analyzed using GIS & GPS mapping.