Expert Witness Testimony

Unfortunately, there are times when a forest landowner may need the advice, consultation, or expert witness testimony of a professional forester to help settle a legal dispute involving timberland. While it is always better to strive to settle a civil case out of court, sometimes litigation cannot be avoided. Some of the situations where a professional forester's advice may be needed include:

  • Timber trespass
  • Boundary line disputes
  • Timber Sale Contracts
  • Timberland Valuation
  • Timber Taxation Issues
  • Professional Ethics Violations
  • Endangered Species
  • Environmental Regulations

An objective, ethical, experienced, professional forester can assist the landowner and attorney to settle many of the difficult situations the landowner may encounter. In 30 years of providing professional forestry advice and services to private forest landowners, Morgan Mellette has served as an expert witness on many of the legal matters listed above and has served as an arbitrator in settling contract disputes involving forestry and timber sale matters.

Mellette has also been involved as an expert witness in prosecuting a timber theft case that resulted in the conviction and sentencing of a timber buyer who was involved in stealing timber from a private landowner's property (See Case Study #4 - Timber Theft).